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Ok so first and foremost DGC, WE MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER SEASON!!! Whoooohooooo. Relentless genetics showed up and showed out. Ten gallon smart pot, all organic run. Thank y’all so much for helping. Soooo…

Um don’t really need to ask much about this. Anyone know what kind of chopper this is? Been swing it a lot lately, and there are no fires here on the east coast… so after a sketchy season of paranoia and loosing sleep. Seeing this about two to three times a week didn’t help. alright y’all. So being in prohibition land, in sure y’all remember these feelings. Shit scotty feels theM in Colorado still. I had an amazing run and am honestly glad to say it over. Got my first real night of sleep smelling like straight terps, felt so good. Hope everyone had an amazing season… much love and respect y’all!! I have a video of the chopper but can’t upload it?? How can I do that lol.