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Sup guys. I’m cranking through your podcast episodes as well as Rasta Jeff’s. My question is…WHY CANT I GROW?!? No matter what I do, something is always going wrong. I would like to believe that I have top of the line equipment: 2 hlg qb96 in my 3×3 tent with a t6 acinfinity fan w/carbon filter. I have a 6in clip fan inside blowing on the lights. And I switch between a hlg 65 and hlg 100 in my 2x2x4 veg tent with an in-line fan and carbon filter. Both tents have a humidifier because it’s really low around here now. (Chicago area). For some reason, I can’t control my environment despite all the fans and what not. My temps are hitting 84F and it’s not even 70F outside. There’s no way I’ll make it in a couple months. I also can’t control my humidity despite having humidifiers. All of this is AFTER I threw plants away due to russets. I had fungus gnats with the same plants right before the russets. I’m dying over here. More about the setup… blue mats w/ res. in 1.5 gal honor grown bags. And I’m running quality seeds from various breeders. I’ll attach a few pics. The first 3 will be what’s supposed to be my flower tent, but it’s still on 18/6 at the moment. 81F 25%humidity at one point. Can you tell me what would make the leaves look like that, guru? Last pic is my 2×2. Seedlings still looking sad after hitting them with recharge. Looks as if they have a cal or mag def. I’ve been at this since 2017 and I’m not seeing the progress in my buds…if I ever make it to buds. I’ve stepped up with my investments along the way but not the dank. I feel like the kid at the b-ball court that has all the gear on but can’t play for shit. I’m literally about to give up. Please help