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That freebie you guys sent me of wilko’s whack is just a crusher! Heavy tongue puncher terp profile. It’s like a pineapple ate a bottle of Pine-Sol and then Dutch ovened you savagely. it’s almost chemical like citrus cause  it hits the back of your nose like fumes. The pheno In this picture is tall, had wonderful branching and a great nug layout and spacing. The layout makes it a major chunker and dense all the way to the bottom cause it gets great  light every where’s g and the other is shorter and tighter . So……the short plant outside😐. I’m Completely blown away By this tuff little bush. This year I did not plant outside Because I just wanted to fill out the neighbors and be respectful before I just throw a couple 7 pound plants in my back yard. well my yard some how said screw you and I was weed whacking in June and almost chop this little foot tall weed down. It was growing on the side of the yard that Doesn’t get watered. It was obviously from seed and it was stunted and very dehydrated. I wasn’t really keeping track of the flowering season And then I noticed it was like 6 weeks ahead of my buddies garden. So it has to be done kinda autoflower. I’ve never grown a auto before. I started feeding it Biobizz fish mix and bio heaven and Recharge in veg ,and then in flower I hit it with Biobizz bio grow, top max, bio heaven ,then some house and garden top booster and some mammoth P and Recharge. it’s just crushing it .super chunky mystery purp’s strain. the nugs are super tight and filling in great. Bout to start flushing her. sorry I haven’t been posting at all guys. I’ve been dealing with a lot of depression and ended up getting COVID while I was drying my harvest and has to trim it all by myself while fighting the vid. You will be hearing more from me tho from here on out. hope your enjoy. happy growing

Your friend,
The kid

1st pic room shot and the wilko whack side.
2nd pic is that platinum cookies cut I have.
3rd pic is the mystery strain in my yard and the 4th pic is the same plant.