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Blessings dude Scottie real and Guru Big Ups to you guys for helping the cannabis community. I’m down here in a South Prohibition state a Florida hopefully that will be changing soon. I recently received my certification at the sativa University course and just following up with what I have learned with the help of you guys + Rasta Jeff at irie genetics and Soup The Gardener of course . I’ve been putting together a real good notebook of key notes to help my journey to be a great Caregiver. So here it is .I have a 3 by 3 tent,Amazon led light 1000w (so it says) with 5 gallon fabric pots with Sunshine 4 mix no-till living organic soil I don’t have recharge yet but I’m working on it. I’ve been top dressing every month and using the seed sprout tea recipes. I use pH rain 2 water at 6.5.
Pretty much working on a budget as I grow . So I recently went into the garden and found a couple of the plants new leaves are curling up seems to be drying out. I do have air flow but to be honest I don’t have exact VPD of my tent. Veg for two months and I’m in first week of flower temp 81 humidity 45to 50% .just testing these genetics out till I can get official seeds. I was just wondering if you or any of the other Growers I’ve ever seen this and it can help me out? Thank you so much for your energy Big Ups again from the south prohibition state. Stay Sensi.