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What’s Up DGC? My first post and I want to thank you for all the entertainment and knowledge shared by the whole crew. My first grow, turned out better than expected to be honest. Durban Poison, Amnesia Haze, and GDP. I will let you decide which looks dankest. Grown indoors, in a no brand organic gardening soil, with amendments Down to Earth Rose n Flower 4-8-4, Crab Meal, Insect Frass, worm castings, added perlite for aeration. 7 Gal fabric pots. Watering with Recharge once a week until week 5 of flower. Of course Scotty! Come on Man! Mammoth P once a week all the way through the grow, separate from Recharge. BotaniCare Silica Blast once every other week or so. Lighting HLG Scorpion Diablo. AC infinity Inline fans. Lots of love and care 🙂
Hope you like them.