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Deciding to get our toes wet in the growing scene, we ordered some Dutch Passion BlackBerry Kush seeds from seedsman.com to grow in a 4x4x8 tent.  We were able to harvest a decent amount from this bad girl, especially considering we had no idea what the hell we were doing.  We literally only used Kind Super Soil and Coco Loco topper, NO extra nutes, and watered with regular tap that would sit for 24 hrs. prior to water.  Of course we talked to her daily and played her some good tunage to dance to, but other than that, absolutely nothing special.  I’m sure we could’ve done a lot more with her had we known a little more, but these rookies are happy with our outcome.  The flower was purple inside and out.  Super smelly.  And a definite couch lock.  Duuuuuude, so good.  So so good.