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Hey guys.

How about Real Growers coming up with a formula for DWC/RDWC . I was bummed that the Mondo is anti hydro. hahahaha I know how you feel about hydro an sterile water grows. I tried that way an it sux dead ardvark butt. I like many bacteria in my water from hydro guard, to mammoth p,  and Recharge an on the hunt for any other bacteria. That may be helpful .So what do you think sir have ya kicked it around at all? I would love to test it for you an DGC.

Oh and by the way, Recharge works well in hydro at least the way I applied it. I took a dosing syringe an applied it from the top about 10-20 ml then water in with 8 oz water it worked great! I will be doing it again on my 3rd grow with photos, I’ll post them on the discord.

keep killing it guys