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Hey DGC Fam,

As I have said before, but can’t state enough, thank you all for the amazing community and wealth of information!

I have been using this for a while and it is such an amazing tool for DWC water changes, adding nutrients or just watering in (especially when you are doing individual buckets with no res).   This is an electric aquarium cleaner.  Works basically as a pump on a stick!  Haha.  I use it to take water out, add water and nutrients in and even to clear out my drain bucket for the AC unit!  Gives you very accurate application as well with a smaller lighter weight hose.    You can make sure the water or nutrients go where you want them to go!     They are only about $30 on Amazon and damn do they make life easy.

Hopefully this makes someone’s grow better and life less hectic when it comes time for feeding and water changes!

Bless up!