Hey DGC!

My name is Kyle, or Mojo, and I’ve been lurking listening to the morning wake and bakes with Dude and Scotty for a few months now! I just wanted to say that I was listening to a past show and they mentioned Dyna Grow’s Enzyme product and to contact them for a free sample. Long story short, I contacted Dyna Gro through their website and spoke with a fine person by the name of Alex. Not only did Alex hook it up with with their Enzyme but also Pro-TeKt, Foliage-Pro, Bloom and Mag-Pro! They were shipped the next day and got here a few days later, gotta say, I’m impressed! I’m not a paying member yet but will be soon as the benefit of this community is already paying off! Thanks a lot! This Dream Cookies is happy about it for sure!

Cheers,  Kyle