Hey guys,   I heard your mention of Dynavap.  I’ve used a Dynavap for about three years now; first the “M” model, then I gifted myself a titanium “Omni” model this past Christmas.  If you are a flower fan, I recommend these emphatically.

Be a little patient until you learn the ropes with it as your experience will improve dramatically with practice.

This is a vaporizer of dry flower, not a one-hitter.  The bowl functions as a heat sync, providing top shelf hits with a minimum of herb.  I usually get three hits from a bowl, with the first one being the most flavorful and the second being the money hit.  It’s VERY economical with your flower.  In fact, don’t pack the bowl tightly as it wastes weed and hinders airflow.

They aren’t cheap, but they are worth their price.  I’ve bought directly from Dynavap themselves since the shops don’t often carry them.

This is a very discreet, compact, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing piece of gear.  The kits provide all you need, but I do recommend that you pick up a spare cap, o-rings, and screens.  I think if Dude tries one of these, he will be a proponent.

Loving the show.  Happy that I’m able to support your good work   I’ve seen a few changes since my first J in 1975.   Still struggling with prohibition in the Deep South, so keep up the good work.

Water Boy