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Hey guys!

Scotty, Dude and Guru, I can’t thank you enough for bringing the feeling of a community to me during these weird times. I’m up in Alaska and it gets dark here quick fellas.  But every time I open that tent up, its warm and sunny. Thanks for coaching me along daily in the garden.

I have two feminized Blue Venom (Blueberry x White Widow) just starting week 4 of flower. One of the two is growing a bit faster than the other.  The pistols on the more aggressive one have already started turning orange. I am under the impression that this is a bit too early. This is my first setup. 4.5 x 2′ tent, soil medium, 3 gal mesh pots, synthetic nutes (Humboldt’s Secret), 2000w + 1000w spider farmer LED, 6.5ph, 900ppm, 45% humidity, temp kinda low @ 18-25 deg Celsius (that’s for you Dude), plenty of ventilation, watering every 3 days.  Are the orange hairs premature?

Also, how often do you generally water at this point of flower and do you think Co2 canisters work that are of the “add water and shake” variety??  Thanks again for what you guys do!