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Hey DGC, love the show and the community. Growing Sour Diesel (although from maybe a less reputable seed bank) under a 250 watt LED, happy frog soil, and three part nutes, MagiCal, FF Bembe, Recharge, and just got PowerSi in the mail. Rarely dose higher than 1/2-3/4 strength. I have soft water, after it gets filtered I’m at 350-400 ppm, once mixed it’s around 1,000-1,100. Try to keep pH around 6-6.5. Temp is set to 79 day/70 night. Humidity between 40-50%. My small 4×2 is a bit smaller having to have such a large humidifier in the tent because of the drop the carbon filter makes. I’m at Day 35 of flower and leaves are getting pretty yellow. The buds, although looking good and smelling dank, have a ways to go. Is it too early to be losing color? I have been adding some extra N, but not seeing much from it.

Second question? Anybody use florigen for a fertilizer? Went down some rabbit holes. Cannabis creates florigen when the lights go to 12/12 to activate flowering. It is commonly used with tomatoes to promote more flowering (thus more fruits). Would florigen help with photos… or maybe autos?!? Is it safe to smoke?