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What up DGC,

Coming in with a silly but helpful grow hack. I’d be willing to bet everyone hates washing coco. This makes it little easier.

Now don’t piss off the wife so get an old large pillow case. First I expand the coco of course. Then I place small amounts into the pillow case. I use the pillow case like a wash machine inserting the garden hose to rinse all the unwanted dust and contaminates. Then with little elbow grease wind up and wring the coco out. Until desired ec/ppm comes out of run off. I was my perlite the same way but a little more gentle. I like my perlite in larger junks so I try to not break it up while draining.

I also will pot up the mix and give one final rinse using 2x water volume of the pot. This final rinse also includes cal-mag and RealGrowers Recharge. I let this air dry a few days while the microbes get cooking. Boom ready to grow some dank. Thank you guys for all that you do.