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Sup DGC!

Happy Holidays to all. First and foremost, props to all you guys do for the community! Been a supporting member since December last year when I popped my first beans.

After 1 year of listening to all the podcasts, I feel like my grow has come a long way. Finally running some solid genetics, Alien Sour Apple, Stardawg Guava, Cookies, and just had 2 of 3 beans of Alien Orange Congolese show female!! Next round will be awesome!

So here’s my simple grow hack that is easy, convenient, and if you are in a place your worried about a paper trail, this is for you!

I lined my grow room walls, both veg and flower with Mylar film. Then overlay that entire surface with the 3 ml thick painters plastic sheets. Still allows for reflection off the Mylar, makes for super easy foliar spray cleaning and wipe down at the end of the grow… Now, the best part. I use a dry erase marker and write a log right on the plastic lined walls.. I line the plastic all the way up, so my log isn’t behind the plants! One log shows temp, RH, and I put a smiley face for their condition (physical observation) and then i have a second log that lists my days of feed, watering, and foliar. At the end of the grow, i can take a pic of the log, and have it to easily review next round!!

A special thanks to the Dude as well for giving me a ring back when I was struggling getting my SK402. All is good, it is rocking my girls, and I’ve voted with my dollars and picked up 2 HLG boards too!!