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Hey guys, love the show and just wanted to share my hack to hopefully help some fellow growers out. UK based and made the switch to autoflowers about a year ago now and have been fine tuning in my grow. One of the main things I learned about autos at the beginning was to start them in their finishing pots to avoid any stunting from stress during repotting but I like to start my ladies a week or 2 ahead to allow me to do more crops per year.

I have a little tent with a small LED that I started them off in solo cups but soon realized that once the tap root hits the bottom it never seems to get going again even after repotting into 15/20L pots. I tried 1L starter pots and it improved but then I found some thin tall 2L pots described as Rose pots and these seemed to be perfect.

Now for the hack, I take 2 pots, cut the bottom off one and make a slice up the side but not all the way through to top so it still keeps it shape. Then I sit it inside the complete pot allowing me to easily slide the sliced pot out, drop her in the new hole and pull the pot up and out to help minimize stress.

Hope this helps someone and keep up the good work 🍻