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Hey DGC,

This might be a common technique that I simply haven’t seen before, but here is a quick and dirty seedling/cloning lighting fixture that you can assemble for ~$20.00 new or ~$8.00 if you have CFLs or LED bulbs laying around.

Items You Will Need:
1. Power Strip
2. Bulb Socket Adapter
3 Bulb Socket Y Splitter (optional if you’re wanting to double up on bulbs)
4. CFL of LED Light Bulbs

You can assemble these components as pictured and suspend them over your clone/seedling dome or directly over your small seedlings with a length of paracord or twine. This has always worked well for me and all of the necessary equipment is available at the local big box/hardware store. It’s also nice to have all the bulbs controlled via the power strip switch. Obviously, this is not ideal or the best option, but if you’re in a pinch or a tight spot money-wise, this is definitely an option. I’ve been using this setup to start plants for years & even without a heating mat, it keeps the dome temps high enough to create the condensation and keep the little ladies comfy. Much love & I hope this helps.