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Slowly giving organic growing a go, after 6 years under lights I figured it’s about time to try. I am 6 weeks into veg from seed and still predominantly organic and looking good. I am growing in Coast of Maine Stonington Blend (first time) with 25% Perlite. Have only added silica, SuperThrive, Fish Shit (first grow) and Recharge.

Last feeding I checked the runoff of a few plants for ph. pH was in 6.3-6.7 range but I am getting crazy high EC/ppm readings of 3-4.5 EC (2400-3100 ppm, meter is calibrated). It’s not of concern as the plants all look great but I’ve never seen anything like this. I know from past experiences that organics and synganic nutrients together can throw off the EC readings but this is really confusing as the only nutrients are in the CoM soil.

Generally, I thought that most organic inputs were not immediately available as salts and therefore didn’t register a high EC. Could it be that the amendments in the CoM Stonington blend are just very readily available?

I can see where new growers using mixed soil and nutrients could freak over seeing EC’s like this. Can someone please give us a tutorial on EC in synganic bottled nutes vs EC in organic soils and amendments. Happy Growing 🙂

Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient

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Cannabis taught me the metric system before it was taught in school

Everything that I know about botany and horticulture I learned from cannabis, the rest I learned from the DGC.