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edenshield net

Well the super hero “guardian” is gone and now we have to think of bugs again. Da#*it but luckily it drove me to start more researching.

Just found this link about a natural way they are treating indoor and greenhouse pests. But with a passive technique. Basically they have found an odor that detours most pests by its smell alone. They have created a net that is hung at the entrance and is sprayed routinely with a “special sauce” I will call it. This odor from the net is enough to keep exhausting odors to a minimum from what’s growing aswell as keeping thrips, whiteflies, red spider mites and leaf miners at bay. No mention of the dreaded two spotted plant destroyer we all have grow to dispize.. but with a reduction rate of up to 80% in use of pesticides on the plant it’s worth a little more research. But seems like a logical idea.


What are your thought dgc let’s get some comments on the edenshield system?