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Hey DGC – brand new member, really appreciate all the great info and content you guys are putting out into the community! It’s been super helpful to me as a new grower. Speaking of being a new grower, I’m enjoying being in the garden and obsessing over every detail. I’ve got my environment pretty close to dialed in on temp and rh (following a vpd chart). I like where my lighting is and I’m happy so far with my airflow. All of which to say I’m looking for minor tweaks to make the gals in the tent as happy as possible. I’ve been looking at the exhale bags it looks like it’s mycelium that’s activated with some moisture – to the question! Can I mimic the exhale bags while growing a more…“desirable” mycelium? For example will an oyster mushroom provide a similar effect while giving me mushrooms to eat? Thanks for everything – especially the dude grows hookup from Seeds Here Now🤘