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Hello fellow cannabis enthusiast! If you are looking for an edible option that is easy to consume and also lacks the lag from a heavy edible, a tincture might be a good option for you. The best extraction media for a tincture is Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin. I recently had a couple ETHOS genetics runs with some less than desirable nugs as a result from learning a nutrient line. The flower still had the smell but lacked the intense flavor on the smoke. The tincture will pick up the flavor of the smell. Do not be fooled. One key thing I’d like to mention is the goal here is to enhance and embellish the flavor of the cannabis in the tincture. Not to mask it and add too many alcohol based extracts. It’ll result in a more medicine tasting tincture. Now the strains I chose and had available are as follows:

SKUNK HERO- The mandarin orange funk actually paired really nicely with Orange zest and a Orange blossom Honey from Florida. (Not everyone has Grey Poupon regular honey will work.)

CITRAL GLUE- This flower smelled like a fresh opened Sprite soda, so the zest of a lemon lime with some sugar……it is actually a personal favorite. And great morning tincture.

PURPLE MYSTIC- OMG! This phenome just smelled like the most beautiful purple floral cookies strain. I dunno how but a vanilla bean and some vanilla honey made this the most floral sugary cookie tincture…. I might just save it for the holidays.

PURPLEPUNCH COOKIES/MYSTIC- The two together smelled like the dirtiest purple hashy asphalt… first thought was what goes with red wine… Cherries and pomegranates. The only downside is this one needs to be frigerated with a self life.

TO COOK IT, IT IS JUST LIKE MAKING WEED BUTTER.  Low and slow with a good strain when your house smells.

Well, I hope this gave some people ideas on flavoring tinctures. I actually had a lot of fun pairing everything and trying this out as an experiment. I’d be interested in trying this method with different dessert strains from breeders. They used to have vials of these in medical shops and took them away with recreational. They were perfect for Flights, Movies, Dates, Family Events, Car Sickness.

peace and love DGC.