My husband is normally is the main grower. He started to work 12 hour days and have left it up to me.

I have ran two plants alone and it was small buds and one was chopped early. I have been running in lush roots organic, it’s recycled from a prior grow. I amended it with elemental, recharge and sprayed it with some trifecta and water mixture. Moneys tight so I can’t get nematodes.

my veg is YELLOW dude to being having a life outside of the grow. I left them in the solo cups too long. I transplanted two in a 5 Gal smart pot. Put Recharge and elemental and water at 5.8 pH.

My flower looks good in my eyes. But my husband took a peek and said they looked stressed. This also is a recycled soil. Just a little extra thrown in. Recharge and elemental with a little bio fish. The leaves look “jagged” and yellowing just in the middle of the plant. The out side of the plant is green and looks good. Please any help is great  My notes are posted on screens shots.