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Hey crew!

I need some help understanding out what’s going on inside my rooms! Thanks in advance to all the knowledgeable and gracious growers out there!  I grow in a mostly sealed room (mostly because I haven’t caulked all the cracks in awhile but we have no active air exchange) and due to some extenuating circumstances, had to remove my CO2 enrichment. I’ve been monitoring the levels in the room after removal to understand what my baseline in there is and I’m still getting to some pretty high numbers that I wasn’t expecting. Outside of the room is typically between 450-550 but inside the room, I’m getting readings of 800-900. Is this due to equipment inefficiencies? I don’t even know how to go about researching the question let alone fix it! I know that inherently those levels are fine in a growing environment but if there’s an equipment issue, I’d like to get it fixed. Some specs about my room: 30′ x 10′ x 11′, two 36,000 btu mini splits, 14 grower’s choice roi 680e fixtures, and a 180 pint dehum suspended from the ceiling in the back. My dehum is sized a little small for the space and plant count that I have but I’m in the process of adding another one to mitigate the humidity swings. Any help or insight is appreciated! Happy growing!