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Hello you illustrious beans, I know this is last-minute. I am preparing to transplant some clones. And I decided I want to ask about fully dipping. Like even the Rockwool? I want to just keep up severe treatment for russet mites. I don’t like to go to the store or go to town or anything like that. I am here and I am now. I will show you everything I have. And you tell me what I can safely get the shit out of some clones in. And if you never wanna get the root ball let me know that please. OK I have to work on getting my soil potted up. I will just cross my fingers that Boss Man Jmystro is on the duty. I totally should’ve planned ahead I know this. But I was already working on a different idea with the Recharge. You chicken dicks able to help a chick out in a hurry? Thanx DB