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Hey what’s up, so I called Enail USA and talked to a lady she was very nice,  I asked if there product was all made in the USA and she told me the only things done over seas is the case gets punched and the coils are twisted everything else they do themselves they said they have had some that are 3 to 4 years old that are still working. The lady said when you call their number you either get her or the owner, and she know what she is talking about she is not just reading information off a screen she is committed to the product,  I recommend giving her a call, I am going to be ordering one in a couple weeks and I will give a full review of the product I will be buying the 189 dollar one, She said that was the power horse.

P.S. Dude and scottie I talked to her about the DGC and gave her the website name she said she would look it up and told her I will let you guys know about this product she said she is open to talk to you guys the number is on the website.