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Hey DGC. My grow store recently had a raffle event to give back to the local grower community. I ended up spending the whole afternoon there talking with other local growers and walked away with a Nextlight Veg8 Switch, a 5L bottle of Fish Sh!t, and some sample bottles of various other microbe products. All in all I walked away with almost $1k worth of free gear and met a few cool new growers who live around me. The new light is designed for Veg but it didn’t fit in my 3×3 veg tent. So i decided to switch my 4×2 Flower tent into my veg space and bought a 5×5 grow tent for flower from the shop to support them for hooking me up. I’ve got the 4×2 veg space dialed in nicely, the plants are happy so on to my question. I took all my other lights and threw them in the 5×5 and I’m not sure if it will be enough light for the space or if the multiple light sources overlapping will be enough to cover the space. I’m currently running 3 v3 chilled logic pucks from RapidLed and 2 HLG 100’s hanging 30 inches above the canopy. The chilled logic is enough for a 4×2 and the HLG 100’s cover a 2×2 each so on the surface it would seem like i can only cover a 4×4 space. I just ended my first run in the tent and got just over a pound dry from 4 plants which would seem nice, but I was getting almost 3/4 of a pound from my 4×2 with the same cuts. Could the light be my limiting factor here or do I just need to spend some more time dialing in the environment? As always, all feedback is welcome and Happy Growing