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Hello and good day to all,

I am having some difficulty controlling the relative humidity in my tent. I have a 4×4 (in use) and a 2×2 (not in use at this time) in a 12×12 room. my RH has been really low, but when I run the humidifier it goes a bit to high just to drop again when the humidifier runs out of water. I am in central Florida (Deltona area) so I figured I would have a problem with high humidity, but that is not the case for now at least. Is there some device or relatively low cost set up that will let me control the RH in the room so the 2 tents will in return basically hold a more stable RH?

From my failure to thrive questions advice I have put plastic sandwich bags over the beer cups and three of the plants are looking better (not great or thriving just better). I don’t think they will make it but I need the experience so I can do better next time. I do have some Magpie(Gelato x L.A. Confidential) seeds on the way from seeds here now. I am hoping to get them through flower and produce some seeds so I can have more attempts at this with out flushing to much cash down the shitter.

I can’t thank you all enough for all of the advice.

Thank You all,