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Whats growin’ on DGC? I was wondering if anyone could recommend/review some environmental controllers? I like the sound of the Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller but it’s a bit overkill and pricey for my 4×5 footprint. I have plans to build a 5×8 or 5×10 flower room at some point and use the 4×5 for veg but that is later on down the line. I live in New England and grow in an attic(insulated, sort of) so switching fans and ACs on and off by hand to deal with the drastically changing weather can sometimes be a struggle. I’ve also been using a co2 tank on a timer for the 1st 15 min of the hour on with exhaust fan off for 45 minutes. This works great sometimes but occasionally the heat will rise in there and having a good controller to kick the fan on and co2 off would be great. Does anyone have experience with the analog environmental controller by autopilot? That one seems closer to my price range at $160-$170. What I’m needing to control would be an in-out fan, light mover, lec-315 wt light, co2 tank, and probably an AC. Thanks, any suggestions would be appreciated.