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A few of the girls I will be harvesting this week when I return from Africa can’t wait to get up close n personal with these girls I’ve been away for a whole month my wife was left out of nowhere to water these girls and take care of them when I gave her a one week notice that I took a new job in Sierra Leone Western Africa she finished them out for me I did tell her what to use and had it setup for her to have it easy with the plants growing with a mix of Plagron coco and perlite mixed with nature’s living soil watering with build a soil worm castings and boogie brew insect frass teas along with Recharge then I finished them off with New Millenium Ruby Fulvic and Winter Frost

First pic is one of my phenos I’m growing of

Jacky Moon (Tropicana Cookies x Calisunset)

Second pic is

EuroStep (Lpc75 x Calisunset)

Third pic is

Cotton candy grapes (Grapeblow x Blowpops)

Forth pic is

GorillaPops (Gorilla Glue 4 x Blowpops)

All grown under a Mars Hydro Fce3000 in a 3×3 tent grown in 2 gal fabric pots with Blu mat drop irrigation system.