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hello DGC, and hello DUDE, SCOTTY, GURU, warehouse KYLE,,, missed you guys on the youtubes lately, but then i found i could still watch from a link on dudegrows.com,  yeah… screw youtube and its weird guidelines..  🙂 anyways i popped 6 gg#4 fem. autos and 1 came out as a 3 leaf mutant. in 20+ years of growing ive never had one until this year, coincidentally? The year i learned this was even a thing (from a random video on youtube). I got the seeds from weedseedexpress (which i only used because, they were the only ones that accepted a visa prepaid card blah blah…..  question is, does this plant have ‘bad genetics’ or is it just a random chance that means nothing more than i got lucky like a 4 leaf clover and should consider it a good luck sign? 🙂 What’s with the weird payment methods of all these seed companies, i need paypal or bitcoin or direct bank drafts, im trying to be anonymous here…. last year i used prepaid visas for lots from a couple different companies did something change with the law around selling seeds within Canada or the states. anyways glad you guys are coming back to youtubes, we need to bring youtube prohibition down too  🙂 keep on keepin on guys.. thanks for all the great info.