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Grow is on again 👍

Hey yall popped the beans I got at the DGC cup this year.

4/4 Lilac Diesel popped🔥

5/5 Purple Magic 🔥

1/4 now Grandpas Stash and will cull the one it’s a pretty weak and sad looking baby.😪😡

All were popped the same way, Lilac Diesel is by far the most aggressive already 50% bigger than the Purple Majik…straight 🔥 there….guess I got a bad bag of Grandpas Stash? They were planted alongside the others same time etc… called the # no answer

❤ the Lilac Diesel,it is so fast as you can see in pic she is leggy and that’s after planting starter plug in the cup!!! Must be 3″ stem growth last 24hours 🔥🔥🔥.