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I thought some of you might like to see what GrowDots can do. I am really impressed with the results that I’ve gotten for what I had to do. The details on this particular girls journey: She’s 9 weeks old.

Germinated using the paper towel method. Placed seed, point down, in 75%/25% FoxFarmHappyFrog/Perlite mix in a solo cup. She was transplanted at 1 week into a 5 gallon of the same soil, but it had been amended with 75 g/5 Tbsp. of mondo. She started out 34″ under a MarsHydro TSW 2000 and I left the light at that distance(100% power) and let her grow using only R.O. water and Recharge.

I’ve never grown, let alone smoked this particular strain. She’s got a gassy/chemical smell that’s gotten FUNKY! When I open the tent, it nearly brings a tear to my eyes. I can’t wait to try it. Some amber trichomes starting to appear on the sugar leaf, but the flower is about 50/50 clear to milky, so I figure a couple more weeks…