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Ethos Cookies by Ethos Genetics (day 55, roughly a week or so left to go). Grown in unknown flushed brick coco in 3 gallon pots. Fed Jacks 321 formula and using Recharge & Tribus (original) once a week. They’re in a 2×2 flower tent due to limited space under a home built light using PLC Photo Boost light strips powered by a Meanwell HLG-120H-C1400B driver (150 watts). Light intensity in flower kept in the 750-800 PPFD range except for the tall girl in the back being stressed around 1,000. Air flow is currently controlled by one 6” fan (will add another next run) and environment parameters controlled by an AC Infinity T4. Day temps 78-82F, night temps 68-70F and attempted to follow the VPD chart the whole way from 1.0 kPa in veg to 1.2-1.5 kPa in flower. I ran ambient co2 the whole run with no monitoring at this time. The whole goal this run was to see how cost effective and simple I could make things on myself.