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First photoperiod grow and first grow in over 2 years after getting raided in NC . After got busted I moved to the most rural place I could find waited awhile and started over. i started listening to show at work next day I had to start again .grown in ac infinity 2×4 with ac infinity exhaust a 450w led 5 gallon fabric pots with coco loco and grow dots one 75 gram pack per pot . And used recharge every watering until week 8 . Today is day 70 . Only issue I had on the grow was  a calcium deficiency around week 7 being so late into flower I didn’t worry about it very pleased with this grow no more autos for me all photos goin forward . They started solo cup for 10 days then to 5 gals for a 25 day veg . Love the grow dots and recharge first time using either one never pH well water once . Thank u DGC I listen from 5am till 3 pm at work daily.