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Hey guys! Big shout out to you guys for what you do for the community and giving me SO much knowledge that helped this grow make it to where it is today. This is my third grow and first with good genetics. So, I figured I’d show you guys what I ended up with. Ethos Purple Majik is a cross of their popular Mandarin Sunset x Heirloom Purple clone. They are feminized R1’s and both of them popped and made it to the end. One plant was half the size it should have been but made really nice, dense and frosty nugs. Smells a lot like that synthetic grape/bubblegum/cotton candy. It was chopped on Day 65 with very light ambering. The other one is still going because it still has white pistils (hairs) and I’m trying to let it bulk up a bit. While it grew to “normal” size, it is more a fluffier pheno and is finally starting to frost up good. I wasn’t very happy with it at first, but it does seem to start thickening up and hopefully it’ll be a good smoker! One’s drying, one’s about to hit Day 70, but figured I’d share some photos of it with you all. I also threw in a pic of one of my Strawberry Lemonade bag seeds at the end as well, and I was thoroughly pleased with the results from them as well. Thanks again for everything you guys do and hope you all have a great day!

P.S. I also can be found on YouTube under CrazyHandGrows if you would like to see more of these plants or if you like watching grow videos, check it out! You guys rule!