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Probably my last run of autos before I move onto some ethos photoperiods but these ladies have been a joy to grow. Three Ethos Plutos Cut and one  TWenty20 Mendocino trizkit (front right) all autos. Only thing I have used as far as nutrients is grow dots and recharge!!! They are thiccccccc short squatty girls for sure but the trichomes on all these plants are ridiculous. My second run of autos this year and my second grow ever…needless to say I have learned a lot from the DGC and Dude grows podcast, you guys get me through the days at work landscaping… I purchased a big dehumidifier and it has changed my life being in a 3rd floor apartment. Environment way more dialed in only on day 60 but all these girls are rock solid… looking forward to seeing the end result…also got pack 10/100 of the Aura genetix Peach Bellini as well she’s in veg as we speak and looking healthy healthy so far so good…. hope you guys appreciate the auto pics. Va ALL DAY Guru!!!! LOL