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Hello DGC,

I want to start by saying thank you to Dude grows, Seeds Here Now and Best Coast Genetics for offering free seeds to New patreon members. If it was not for those that free seed pack I would not have found this gem. When I ordered my DGC seed pack, I decided that if I was paying shipping already I would pick something else up while I was there. After searching the site and finding to many options to choose from I decided I would just pick up a tier 1 Grab bag for $35, Each bag comes with at least one 5 pack of seeds and is at minimum $50 in value.

Well I seemed to luck out and received two 5 packs, some slaps a pen and a note pad. The two packs ended up being Sled Dawg from Swamp Donkey seeds and Watermelon Zkittlez  f2 from Ethos Genetics. In those Watermelon Zkittlez  pack is where this lady came from.

Out of the 5 pack I ended up getting 2 females and 3 males. This plants sister is nice and frosty like this one but is not as colorful. I choose the best of the 3 males and used the pollen to pollenate the Dishwasher grow and after cloning the ladies I put them into flower. I could tell right off that this girl was a keeper. At 3 weeks the buds were larger then all the other plants in flower and covered in trichomes. I waited a full 57 days before even looking under the scope and when I did realized her time in my garden had to end. I can’t wait to get this plant dried and cured so I can put it in my bong and give it a try.

If anyone is interested in a grab bag from SHN there is a tier 1 for $35 or a tier 2 for $70 and can be found under the shop tab and  located in the SHN Merch section.

Thank You Dude, Scotty, Guru and All the crew. You keep Producing and I will keep posting.

Much Love to all the DGC family! Stay Elevated, Lifted, Medicated, Motivated and Productive.