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Howdy DGC,

I have 2 gorrila glue autoflowers, 115 days in, and trichomes aren’t maturing.  Buds are fattening and I’m seeing some real late naners being thrown.  I’m not worried about that but my tric’s on the sugar leaves have been cloudy, yet not much on the calyxes.  I almost feel tempted to knock them down sooner than later, feel like I might be wasting my time.

One is healthy, one has faded out pretty rapidly.  Which I though was N deficient, then thought was magnesium deficient.  Now I wonder if it’s root rot.  It was stunted transitioning from seedling to veg.  It did bounce back quick and vigorous though.  I wonder if it’ll finish though?  I’m tempted to start new run with mephisto, (to get a autoflower experience with reputable autoflower, then an going to photoperiod humbolt seeds blueberry muffins)but don’t want to waste my time.

I’m currently at about 40% humidity, 75° day/65° night, in foxfarm happy frog. Just started flushing I was running biobizz (bloom only), recharge, fox farm cal-mag,  and just recently epson salt on 1 of them.  Still feeding foxfarm big bloom and mammoth P.

Thank you for any constructive feedback!   Please help me save myself from waisted time, money, and effort.