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What up all, I was going about my day when ping! Youtube notification on my phone appears. DGC seed grab EP 5  starts in 45 minutes! So as you do come in early say hello to the crew in live chat Whilst having a quik bowl and rolling a doob waiting for Dgc seed grab EP 5 to begin. So i finish up i get smoking and i swear every time i look up this part of the into is on my screen haha!! ( picture shown ) so i put a comment on about it that got me entered into the seed grab and chosen! which was awesome. So i just thought id send this pic in to back up my winning comment so you guys could see what i was talking about lol. So for those interested go to seed grab episode 5 fast forward to 1 hr 28 mins 00 secs that’s were my part comes in. Much love to all thank you DGC for everything you guys do and i shall see you all in the next episode.