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Greetings DGC. With all the clone and strain preservation talk lately I thought I would share how I save strains and maybe it will help someone. I like simplicity and this is just that. These clones are about 2 months old and ready to go into the flood and drain veg setup. I have a perpetual garden and it’s hard to time everything just right. My clones are ready to flower in 3 weeks but my flower tent is on week 3 so that doesn’t work. By using this setup, I can pause the clones until I’m ready to grow them. It consists of a T5 hung 20 inches or so (very important. More light means more growth) a Burpee seed start tray with Coco! (uses capillary action) and a dome. Cut the clones and dip in Clonex and stab into Rockwood cubes. Mix full strength liquid Clonex and fill the seed start tray until full. This will feed them perfectly for 2 weeks. Clean and remix every 2 weeks and your good to go. The water travels through the mat to the Rockwool cube. The roots will sit on top of the mat as well. Just transplant and put under some good light to start.

I prefer small Veg tents to avoid using humidifiers. When they out grow that tent, they move into a large flower tent. Never need a humidifier in Colorado. Use the plants for humidity. Hope that helps someone. Thanks!