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Dear DGC, hey its me, @3BeanPhenoHunt…. lol

Hypothetically, began indoor gardening a few years ago, thru the trials and errors, I became a hobbyist of the plant I’ve loved my entire life. So sounds great right, unless you live in Prohibition Land! So as some of us, I took the risk to have my desired medication that’s has been more effective to my ailments than anything ever Doctor prescribed. Trudging thru grows ever aware of the potential risk. So, I’m making this post to show the hard decisions we sometimes have to make when your operating such as we do. I have a family. So understand why the decision was made. The stress has taken its toll on me and my loved ones. I decided to shut things down until my state can pass something to allow people to produce they’re own medicine, looking forward to the day of acceptance. Call it a exercise in futility, call it depressing, but I already feel the weight being lifted from my shoulders. You’re looking at some ethos mac n jack, irie dark hallows, and nozze Gelato from ganja farmer. They were 1 week into bloom and looking great! And yes, like Annikan, I even killed the younglings! I will keep sharp, continue to support the DGC!! Look forward to the day of personal freedom!! Thanks for helping me thru this tough time, I’ll retain the knowledge until I can get back to pumping dank!!! Just had to do the right thing for the people I love and care about!!