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Hey all. With the covid madness I had issues at first finding fabric pots in the 7 gal size. I realized that the larger fabric Shopping bags (Dollarama in this case) were 7 gl and the small bags 3 gl. They work. But I still prefer nice round fabric pots. Except when transplanting to large pots like 20 gl or larger. You add soil to the upsized pot, then place the plant in its bag on top of the soil. You tip it to the side and use an exacto knife to cut the bottom from the middle to the side and repeat on the other side. Pull both side fabric and voila your plant is sitting there ready for your extra soil. Forgot to take photos of the transplanting, but here’s four autos in 7 gl shopping bags. I miscalculated the soil so they only have about 5.5 gal of soil in them.