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How goes it DGC?  I started listening to your show a few months back, i like what you’ve got going on so far, very informative and entertaining. Thank you!  I have a question about sprays for powdery mildew, specifically this one ingredient organic whole milk, stay with me now, your prob thinking everything that I did when those words were first said to me. However, last fall in Humboldt California harvest was a little wetter than the last couple years so mold prevention was on everyone’s mind. Powdery mildew started to show up in places just before harvest, and that shit spreads quick, didn’t want to spray any chems b/c they were finishing, (only a few days to go). When I first heard about using organic whole milk, I thought it was some crack head shit that would prob feed the mold, but my coworkers finally convinced me to try it on a test plant. We tried it on one of our outdoor plants (full sun) we mixed 1/2gal. of milk for a 5gal backpack sprayer, used as foliar spray. It seemed to have worked, the powdery mildew was gone within hours after the spray, we used the milk as a preventative measure for the last days before we harvested. The milk appeared to have worked on the powdery mildew with no residue or effect on the flowers.  I asked my sister who is a botany student at HSU and she could only guess as to why this would work so well. So i wanted to put it out to the DGC community to see if anyone has some answers or some insight into this quandary. Thanks a lot and keep on growing.