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Following a recent show where Guru insists on not flushing, these besties don’t give a fu, they love a flush 🚽 😂.

•Auto Massassin

•Auto White Widow

•Auto Strawberry Cheesecake 🧀 🍰

All 3 started eating themselves at week 7, currently in week 9 from seed. They stink so good my carbon filter’s earning it’s worth!

I’ve been experimenting with Samsung  side lighting, Massassin and Strawberry Cheesecake responded very well, but it was too much for the poor White Widow, but she still put out some dank buds!👊

•Grown under MIGRO ARAY lights.

•Plant Magic nutes.

•New Mill.


•Sip buckets.

•High temps (30°).

•Low humidity (40°).

•UV MIGRO @15 minutes every 3 hours during lights on 18/6.

Chop chop time in a few days and then we get to sample these stinky queens 👸