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Hello Dude, Scotty, Guru and the rest of you,

I have recently popped a couple of strains from ILGM and they are failing to thrive. I have them in plastic beer cups (holes drilled into the bottom for drainage) in a rack over a drain pan. I have basically all vivosun equipment in the tent(4×4). they all popped about the same time and all stalled out a few days after popping. I am using a General Hydroponics go box for nutrients with recharge. I have been using the nutrients at 1/2 strength. I have not been able to PH the water because my dumb ass broke the PH meter unboxing it, but a new one with a ppm unit is on the way. I have been using tap water (central Florida) that sits in a 5 gal bucket with an air stone bubbling away, every time I use water I replace it and it bubbles for about three days before I take more. I believe my shitty soil may be to blame or perhaps not the best quality genetics or even better my pH is fucked. The strains are MK Ultra, GG, and Blue Dream. I have a couple that are limping along but I am wandering if it is time to accept the loss of $10 a seed times 10 seeds and start over with some better genetics. I have ordered some Magpie from seeds here now hoping for better results. on my next attempt I plan on using better soil like fox farm ocean forest but don’t know when to start with the nutrients.  also don’t want to start seeds in that hot of a mix. should I start them in jiffy pods or some weak soil mix IDK so I am hoping someone could give me some advice. This is my first indoor grow I have only grown outdoor with the universe actually being the grower in the past.

I am a new grower and I am looking for a strain to build some confidence with. I am a medical patient in FL. I stick to Indica strains because strong Sativa fucks with me. I was looking for a recommendation for some under $30 seed packs from seeds here now that will tolerate my inexperience. If anyone could offer some direction to an easy growing Indica that is cheap enough that I can have a few failed attempts I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for wasting your day trying to figure out what I am asking.