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Whats Up DGC. Big shout out to The Dude, Scotty and Guru. Love the Community and What y’all are doing. I just wanted to drop sum pictures of my Fall Harvest. I went with Auto-flowers from Pacific Coast Seed Bank. I have WhiteFire#43 which is a Indica and the other Strain is Lucid Dreams Kush which is a Sativa. They all where in 7 gallon Radicle Bags which I love. So glad I ditched the Super Pots. Pain in the Arss to water…. any way where was I. 🤔🤔🤔 ah yes, I remember now the Soil. It was 50% Organic Pro-Mix 25% Coco Coir 20% Perlite and 5% Worm Castings and then Amended with Roots Organic Terp Tea two Part (Grow &Bloom). I just Gave them water that I get from the tap and Aerated for a few day to Dissolve the Chlorine because i don’t want the Chlorine killing my beneficial Microbes and Bacteria i got working for me or at least that’s why I Aerate it. I gave them Weekly Doses of ReCharge which i’m Currently out of and Sum Organic Teas along the way. Oh and Yes Scotty, these Where Grown Under Two MarsHydro Full Spectrum LED lights. Thanks Again for Creating and Maintaining such a Awesome Community which I proud to be a part of. Happy Harvest DGC.