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Greetings and Salutations DGC.. Just thought I’d give a Update on my Winter Organic crop that Just Finished.. I asked a question on (episode 946) about brewing Wormcasting and Recharge at the same time.. Yall helped & answered my question and I appreciate all the knowledge you are dropping on us its MUCH Appreciated…  So here are my ladys from the Winter crop Both are Auto-Flowers from Growers Choice Seeds the tall lanky plant is Critical Purple and the Short Stocky plant is Gorilla Glue #4.. Both where grown in ProMix Organic potting soil amended with perlite and Organic Nutrients from Down to Earth and of course RECHARGE… They are in a 4×4 tent with 2 led lights one a MarsHydro full spectrum and the other a ViperSpectra aka (Blurpul) light… this only my 3rd Grow so I was pretty stoked with the Results.. Definitely sticking with this Organic loaded Soil growing method it’s much easier to maintain.. Thanks Again for all the knowledge bombs yall are dropping keep it up… Oh I also decided to pony up and become a member of your Patreon channel and Loving It… Thanks Again for such a Awesome Growers Community…. ✌