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Wondering what people’s methods and tips on dealing with those hefty fan leaves on Autos. My solution is to tie the leaves semi-loose but secure with twine or wire or anything that isn’t going to sweat the leaf. I wrap it up in a bundle not to tight so the leaf doesn’t get mold, then tie the 2 ends together out of the way.

This helps as you don’t have to tie anything to the stem and the leaves naturally die off and pull them off then. Leaf folding kicks ass also to promote more even apical growth? (strain depending) Anyone got any out of the box ideas or methods that work???

Pics are pending of the grow itself but the gals are coming on nice.

Put a pic of some nice bud I got from a kid round the corner though it smells like sick.. πŸ—ΏπŸ’¨πŸ‘ Β£30 for a Q .. bargain