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Ok guys I have a couple questions.  I have my tent set up as follows 3x HLG 260 RPSEC and 1x HLG 260 in all white.  I have 2X qb 52 strips in 730 nm and I also have a UV qb11. I have another 260 in all white if I need it but haven’t so far I have them in my 4×8. I flipped them a couple days ago and forgot all about fixing my EE lights for flower initiation which is the main reason people get 730 nm a lot off the time. I have them come on 15 mins before the main lights and go out 15 mins after correct?

I have those dial timers and am trying to set it to do it but its complicated getting it all right on 2 different timers.  Does anyone know of an affordable timer that would allow me to do this without having to use the tab timers.  I have one with 15 min intervals but I am paranoid they will get off.  I have noticed a ton of stretch and think the 730 may have stayed on a extra 45 mins or more.  I don’t want to have them stretch a ton.  I would actually prefer them to stop soon.  Is there anything I could spray them with that would slow or stop the stretch or is this normal when using EE and or flower initiation lights.   some limbs stretched and some didn’t I thought that was kinda strange but they weren’t as close to the light either.

Also on a whim I bought some grow more seaweed extract to foliar feed with.  Is this causing the extra stretch.  The plants seemed to love it and are all praying but I was wondering when I should stop adding this.  I am feeding with captains recipe in #5 pots with approx 550 ppm 6.2ish (been measuring with drops meter broke)

Wonder what I should up the ppm to and in what ratios. captains method being 1 part grow 2 parts micro 3 parts bloom for flower with additives.  Should I keep upping at that ratio till desired ppm?  I know you guys said he grew in rockwool which obviously isn’t coco.