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Hello DGC Team,

I am a new grower and just cut down my second plant i’ve ever grow a couple of weeks ago and thought i share some pics of the finished nugs. I gotta give a big shutout to all of you guys on the DGC crew Scotty, The Dude, Guru and Soup, including some of the phive.8 team, Jerin and Brandon for all the help ive gotten along the way. Once again thanks to all you guys for the love, support and time to assist us new guys.

I will list all the items i used to grow this Fast Buds 420 Gorilla Cookies 84 days from seed.

Roots organics dry amendments

New Millenium Ruby Fulvic, Carbonaria, Winter Frost.

Mammoth P


Grow Generation free saturday composte Tea


Royal Gold Tupur in #5 air pots

Worm castings