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Hey dudes and dudettes!

I have this C4 autoflower by Fastbuds going on day 22.
The plant is growing in a 7 gallon fabric pot with probably 5 gallons of soil in it.
FFOF with added amendments (crab meal, Dr. Earth tomato & veg fertilizer, Dr. Earth Kelp, vermiculite, perlite, 1″ lava rocks)
Watered every 2 to 3 days with dechlorinated tap @ 6.5 – 6.8 pH.
I use lemon juice for pH down, and cycle between kelp, lactic acid bacteria serum, Epsom salts, and AACT once a week or so.
The light is an HLG 135 V1, 12″ from canopy, @ 65 W, 18 on/6 off. I just turned up the wattage to 75 W today.

I noticed that the plant is showing signs of flowering, do you dudes think I should train this plant at all?
Maybe bend it over? I was hoping to FIM this auto, as I have read it is less stressful than topping, and produces more bud sites, but I think I won’t since I’m already seeing some pistils.

What would you recommend?